Total Management

This pathway is a medically backed four phase protocol designed for those looking for a rapid weight reduction. We typically have those patients with a BMI over 35 start with this pathway to get some initial weigh off. The first phase of the protocol puts you on a very regimented eating scheduled with partial meal replacements along with quality lean protein and certain vegetables. This will induce a state of ketosis which will switch the body from running off glucose to burning ketones from your fat cells as energy. Once the weight loss phase has been completed the next two phases are designed to bring you out ketosis and into a more balanced and sustainable way of eating. Throughout your entire journey you will receive weekly one on one coaching from a health coach. This is especially beneficial for those patients struggling to get their blood sugars under control, have type II diabetes, heart disease, extremely high LDL cholesterol levels, or metabolic syndrome. Those who follow the protocol have seen huge success in decreasing medications, pain, and overall improved mobility.

Total Education

This pathway is for those looking to for a natural an individualized focus on diet and lifestyle. We approach each patient with a blank slate and focus on guiding them through the behavioral modifications. We do this by weekly or bi-weekly one on one half hour coaching sessions. In our sessions we discuss the previous weeks success and struggles, how to move forward and find the next step in their journey. Our goal as health coaches is educate our patient and help them create new and lasting lifestyle habits as well address emotional struggles that may have caused some road block in their health. This pathway is very beneficial for those who struggle with emotional and stress eating

Total Lifestyle

This pathway is for those looking for a complete transformation on the nutrition side as well as the fitness side. Not only will you get your own personal health coaching to work on your nutrition, you also work with a personal trainer on your fitness. This is a great pathway for individuals who have just come out of physical therapy and need some guidance with exercise as well as working on their diet. This pathway will help you establish a good healthy sustainable lifestyle with accountability and support during the entire process.

If you would like to get started with us the first step is to do a health consultation and, with your coach, decide which pathway would best fit you.

In addition, clients of the Revolutionary Wellness Program receive:

  • A personal health coach
  • Resources and tools to continue accountability
  • Freedom to move between plans with no contract

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